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We speak out the truth louder. If it’s hard to find one VPN that matches all your online requirements, it’s even harder to find an unbiased and unpaid VPN review. Let us help you find the best VPN that gives you everything you need.

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You’re under the surveillance all the time, where all your data and privacy is at RISK! It’s time to reclaim your Internet freedom by preventing data snoopers with any possible invasion.

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Would you believe that there is someone who knows more about you than anyone else? It’s not our family or the acquaintances. They are the group of people who love to spy on us all the time. Government authorities, Media Houses and Advertisers, are lurking to get a hold on your online activities. They track everything you do online. Browsing, messaging, sending emails, voice messages, making VoIP calls; every movement is being monitored and recorded in the name of National Security.

Your data is like a gold-mine for ISPs. They collect and sell your data in an open market without consent. Have you ever noticed, if you search a term on Google, the next minute you will start seeing similar kinds of ads on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? All these platforms are somehow interconnected, and your online actions are creating an online profile of you at the backend. So, don’t compromise your privacy just because you think you have nothing to lose or hide. Your single click on the internet is making someone rich.

WHAT IS VPN & How Does it work?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology created with virtual servers deployed at diversified locations connected with a secure network of military-grade VPN protocols. The technology is best regarded as one of the best security tools to protect online anonymity. It was initially designed to connect remote employees to the company’s private network. Later, with technological advancements, VPN transformed into a superhero of the internet, fighting against all the odds including spying, censorship, surveillance, restrictions, you name it.

This is how a VPN works – A user installs or downloads a VPN client in a PC or mobile device. As the user selects a server from the provided list and hit the ‘Connect’button,the process starts. First, the VPN encrypts all the user data using a minimum of 128-bit AES encryption which goes up to 4028-bit AES. VPN then connects the user with the chosen server by simply replacing the user’s original IP with one of its server’s IP. All the internet traffic of user then route via a secure tunnel keeping it safe and secure from evesdroppers. In the entire process, as long as the VPN is connected, the user’s original IP remains hidden and not even the ISP can see it.

Achieve Utmost Anonymity With Private Search Engines

We perform most of our online activities on Search Engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing are well-renowned search engines around the world. Do you know that these giants keep the record of your entire online history even if you delete it now and then? Your data such as websites visited, IP address, device name and model, time and location are stored eventually. The very same data then sold out to various third parties without your consent.

Here’re some of the most secure and private search engines.

  • DuckDuckGo – 92 billion searches in 2018
  • Qwant – 18 billion searches per year
  • StartPage – 1.2 billion searches per
  • Metager – 84 million traffic per year
  • Searx – 8 million traffic per year


Our motto is to create awareness among internet users to protect their online privacy. Among 300+ VPN providers in the industry, it is challenging to find the one to fulfill all your online needs perfectly. Every VPN claims to be the best, fastest and most secure, however, in reality, some of them are making false claims. No log policy is another prominent element which most VPN providers don’t fulfill. Judging who is bluffing and who delivers as per the promises is our job. Our mission is to analyze, test and review every VPN provider in the industry and provide our readers in-depth and unbiased VPN reviews.

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