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Best Gaming VPN

Are you unfamiliar with the term Gaming VPN? Does it sound a bit crazy when you hear that a VPN can boost internet speed while playing games online? Let’s clear a big misconception here – a VPN increases the latency and lag time which slows down the internet speed, that eventually spoils the gaming experience — no argument on that as it holds true for most of the VPN providers. However, there are a few VPN services that not only speed up your internet and reduce latency but also helps you to mitigate the DDoS attacks.

In modern days, online gaming is not a pursuit anymore. It has evolved into something beyond our imagination; turns into a billion dollar industry. People are making a career out of playing multiplayer Games like Dota 2. So many people have earned fame and money from the same industry in a short span of time. With the rising trend of online gaming, associated problems such as access-restrictions, speed throttling, copyright issues, DDoS attacks, and some others have also emerged. To be on top of your game, it is recommended to use the best VPN for gaming; that helps in reducing lags and safeguards your privacy also.

5 Best Gaming VPNs That Guarantee Lag-Free Experience

Does a VPN affect gaming experience? The answer to this is both Yes and No, depending on which VPN you use. So choosing a right VPN to play online games is important; therefore, we tested over 30 VPN services to see which one turns out to be a top performer. Here’s our recommendation for 2019:

What is a VPN and How Do I Use a VPN for Gaming?

A VPN serves many purposes. From protecting your digital rights to giving you premium internet rights, it’s a one-stop shop solution for all. It has become more popular among the gaming community as it offers a solution that optimizes ping rate, hence serves the purpose of reducing latency and lag time for gamers. Not only it helps in reducing lags, but the best VPN for online gaming protects players against any possible DDoS attacks that could risk their personal data.

Gaming on a VPN connection is much easier than installing software on your PC. Although every VPN has its own settings but the following steps are prerequisites to improve your gaming experience with a VPN:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN from our list, we recommend ExpressVPN if you love streaming too
  2. Download the native software or mobile application
  3. Choose the server close to your location, or from the gaming server
  4. If experience reduction in speed, switch server or change server location

Why do we need a VPN for Gaming?

Here we have listed some interesting pros of gaming VPN; you’ll be convinced out-rightly!

  1. Be in the front seat to play games, download DLC content, access restricted gaming networks, watch PSN exclusives from anywhere.
  2. Be the early bird, download and play the game before it even launches in your country by simply replacing your IP to that country where the game is already launched.
  3. Keep all your gaming activities safe and anonymous from the government and your ISP.
  4. Avoid DDoS attacks. This feature is a lifeline for those who professionally compete at international level.
  5. Stay connected with your gaming network and keep playing with your friends even if you are traveling abroad.
  6. Buy gaming CDs, DVDs, hardware, gaming gadgets and much more at a cheaper price with a VPN.
  7. Share your VPN account with your friends and give them the same opportunity using the multi-login feature that comes with almost every VPN service.
  8. Avoid bandwidth throttling and ISP speed restrictions by simply hiding from your ISP.

How to choose the best VPN for Gaming?

A gamer should give consideration to a bunch of factors while choosing the right VPN for gaming. Of course, speed is an important element that one should keep a close check on, several other ingredients would make a VPN considerable choice as the best gaming VPN. For your ease, we have gathered all the factors you should analyze before making the final decision.

A Word of Advice:

While choosing a VPN for gaming, consider checking your internet speed as the VPN performance heavily depends on how good your connection speed is.

1. Optimized for Online Gaming

Not all VPNs are gaming VPNs. Why? Because not all VPNs are optimized for gaming. The best VPN for gaming have dedicated VPN servers, specially optimized for reducing latency and ping for gamers. VyprVPN is one of the examples for providing a dedicated technology called OutFox. The reputation of the service provider speaks out loud. This is why we have added it in our list of top 5 best gaming VPNs.

2. Number of Servers And Locations

When we say the number of servers, it doesn’t mean 100 servers at a single location is sufficed enough to boost your online gaming experience. The number of server and locations both are parallel to each other. Let’s have an instant comparison; If a VPN provider offers ten optimized gaming server from one single location, and another VPN offers five optimized servers at 5 different location, then definitely, option two is considered as BEST. More location means more chances to connect to different regions, and more servers mean less crowd with optimized speed.

3. Performance And Speed

Speed tests results of different VPN services have shown a reduction in speed from 5% to 20%, which means that the gamers can experience noticeable yet tolerable effects on their gaming speed. The critical point here is that the overall speed of a VPN service depends on the implementation of the technology. In layman language, you can consider that which protocol is best with the most-suited encryption level and its port-diversion.

4. DDoS Protection

It is an additional feature that not all VPNs offer to their clients. When it comes to online gaming, it is essential to protect your gaming experience from DDoS attacks by the pesky gamers. The VPN provider implements this security feature at the server end that keeps users safe from DDoS attacks.

5. Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IPs can be considered as an addon. For most games, a gamer needs dedicated IP to connect to the network. This feature is not common and not offer by every VPN provider. While hunting for the best gaming VPN, a gamer should give more weightage to this feature.

Tips to Reduce Ping with a VPN

It is highly possible that you may notice a drop in internet speed from 5% to 20% when connecting with a VPN. Various reasons may result in the reduction, and the drop varies from the VPN connection you are using. In games like DOTA, Fortnite, WOW, and others; a little drop can cost you a lot, right? To help you with improving gaming with a VPN, here are a few tips you can follow.

1. Connect to a fast VPN protocol

Connect with the least encrypted protocol like PPTP to reduce the chances of a slow internet connection. The best gaming VPN will always indicate a recommended protocol for gaming purpose.

2. Choose the nearest available server

Distance matters the most when it comes to online gaming. If you connect to a VPN server located far away, it will increase the latency, resulting in the worst gaming experience. A best VPN service always provide load balancing feature in its apps, which recommends the nearest and most suitable VPN server to use.

3. VPN for online games works best on Routers

If you are installing a VPN on your router, do remember that you should get a gaming router to boost your MMORPG gaming experience. A router significantly increases your VPN experience, so consider buying a VPN-enabled router to stay ahead in the game.

Gaming with VPN is an ultimate combination

Say hello to better gaming connection with a VPN. Or should I call it a GPN (Gaming Private Network)? A VPN for gaming helps you to access blocked content, download games before they even launch, save money and do a lot more. If online gaming is your cup of tea, then quickly download and subscribe to a gaming VPN; it takes your gaming moments to skies.

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