5 Best VPNs For Torrenting & P2P File Sharing

Best VPN for Torrenting

File sharing has come a long way; from a fringe hobby to a routine activity of millions of people worldwide, swapping files has become a mainstream today. There is no doubt that history of file-sharing service has a long story to tell; however, the greatest of all is P2P file sharing a.k.a. Torrenting that is still incredibly popular despite various attempts by governments and ISPs to let it down. The only way to make your experience risk-free is to install the best VPN for torrenting; making your browsing anonymous and safe.

Torrenting is commonly associated with piracy; the truth is that downloading a file via torrent is not illegal – it’s illegal only if you download copyrighted content. Many countries and ISPs started blocking torrent sites or putting a fine to those who download torrents. So, to escalate the continuous consequences of copyright infringement around the world, torrenters are looking for the best torrent VPN to stay safe and secure.

So what’s the best VPN to download torrents safely?

5 Best VPN for Torrenting in 2019

In the process, we have tested over 50 VPN providers to see which one works better in torrenting. Among various factors, more weightage is given to Jurisdiction, speed, logging policy and privacy policy of a VPN.

Who Is Behind Torrenting?

BitTorrent – the ruling science behind torrenting – is an internet protocol that supports peer-to-peer file sharing to help in global distribution of large files. BitTorrent lets you download large files in bits from other users, rather than downloading it from a single server.

What actually happens when you download a torrent file?

While downloading via BitTorrent protocol, you are also sharing the same file with other BitTorrent users at the same time; more the seeders (users), healthier and faster the torrent. Once the download completes, the torrent reassembles all the broken pieces to make it one file.

But Still, Why You Need a Torrent VPN?

It doesn’t matter what content gravitates you; chances are, that’s already available somewhere digitally in the form of torrent files. But, hold on! It’s not that easy! There are some monitoring actors above the clouds to whom our digital moves are visible; they are constantly monitoring to capture those who are downloading torrent files.

This surveillance got steeper when the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 was aired, that crowded the torrent with 1 million seeders in hours. HBO strictly warned torrenters, but still, our craze managed to reached more than 200,000 downloads that day.

Since then torrenters are always under the radar; to be out of that, you need a top VPN for torrenting, the strong encryption and military-grade protocol will keep the onlookers away. Be it a VPN for BitTorrent or any torrent VPN, connect to either before downloading any torrent file. Otherwise, be prepared to receive a DMCA notice.

Note: Downloading torrents is risky, and being a punishable offense by law in some regions, make torrenting more hazardous. So, refrain from illegal downloads and stay protected under the shield of a VPN. Choose our most recommended best VPN for torrenting before you download a torrent file.

Best VPNs For Torrenting – Privacy Is Your Fundamental Right!

Nobody wants to receive DMCA notice to watch a favorite TV show or movie; it’s somehow the death of all those rights that come under the so-called liberty and freedom.

Anyways, we are here to offer you a piece of freedom – at least virtually – via reviewing and recommending the best privacy tools including VPNs. Keeping the nature of torrenting in mind, our tech-experts have gathered best torrent VPNs, that would keep you anonymous while downloading torrents and P2P file sharing.

Why Some VPNs Are Best For Torrenting While Others Are Not?

You must be thinking that why we count the VPNs (mentioned earlier) are the best, excluding all others that you might be using right now; so, let’s listen to our stringent criteria for selecting the best VPN for torrenting.

There are hundreds of VPN providers claiming to be the best torrent VPN, but, does all of them live by what they claim? That’s where an expert rolls in. To decide the YES/NO for a VPN to be torrent-friendly, we have some predefined measure to justify our selection. It includes;

  • Encryption – Ideally the VPN torrent should incorporate the OpenVPN protocol coupled with the AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Logging Policy – If the concerned VPN logs your activities, then there’s no point of having that VPN for torrenting.
  • P2P Servers – The entire torrenting is based on P2P, so more the servers, better to known the best P2P VPN service provider.
  • Downloads Speed – Torrenting often affect speed especially when connected with a VPN; this is the usual case with free VPNs.

To justify our VPN selection one step further, we have tested one of our top-rated torrent VPN – ExpressVPN. This is our result.

Connection TypeSizeDownload SpeedUpload SpeedETASeeds/Peers
Without VPN1.85 GB4.5 MB/s21.6 kB/s1h 13m0.377
With VPN1.85 GB3.9 MB/s20.9 kB/s2h 09m0.301

Have you noticed, that we’ve only witnessed a reduction of 30%, which is normal due to the encryption; isn’t the reduction is worth the protection being provided?

  • Other features say DNS leak protection, Split tunneling, Internet Kill switch, customer support, safer jurisdiction are additional features that add a cherry on the cake for fortifying your torrenting activities.

Torrenting On Mac or iOS Devices

It’s easier to install and use apps (even from the third-parties) in Android, while Mac users face troubles. To offer safe torrenting to our Mac and iOS users, there’s a new yet faster VPN service that has explicitly designed for those Apple users who love torrenting; it’s none other than Cargo VPN.

Cargo VPN is a new entrant, capable enough to facilitate Mac or iOS device users. To be competitive, it has more than 1000 VPN servers across 70+ locations with an ideal setup for torrent users. Cargo VPN happily supports P2P file sharing to be your torrent savior in the digital world. Download torrents freely on your beloved Apple machine.

Free VPN For Torrenting – It’s More Than A Bad Luck!

If you’re sensible enough, you know that anything free is fishy; there’s always a cost attached to freebies, no matter it’s the content being presented on the web or any physical good. Take the example of torrenting – it’s free but is being monitored – same goes to VPN – free the service, more the activities would be logging, speed is another point to debate.

However, to understand why paid VPNs are better than free VPNs and why you should go with the premium one, we have a short guide.

Are you already or planning to opt a free VPN service for torrenting? Read this!

  • Steal bandwidth: HolaVPN -a known name in free VPN with the best Chrome extension- caught red-handed in stealing users’ bandwidth.
  • Ads: Many free torrent VPN log your digital moves and then bombard you with targeted ads. No worries with ads? OK, then let them sell your data to the most substantial bid that could possibly be any third party data harvesting company.
  • Leaking IP Address: Although it’s rare with paid VPN services, but with every free VPN service to leak out IP address; the purpose of using a VPN for torrenting is useless.
  • Slow Speeds: Torrenting is all about downloading files, but if the speed jeopardized, then this activity becomes the most irritating. Slow speeds and the absence of P2P file sharing makes both free and paid VPN services a big NO for the very purpose of torrenting. So, it’s better to search the VPN torrent services before the final call.

Still, want to try your luck with a free torrent VPN, then select the one with no or less lousy publicity in the context of torrenting. Here is the list of few of those safer yet disaster-calling options.

  1. Perfect Privacy
  2. Windscribe
  3. Betternet

Cheap VPN For Torrenting – Anything Is Better Than Nothing

We have discussed why free VPNs is a no-go for torrenting, but a cheap VPN could do some wonders to you.

We all assume that cheap VPN services lack the performance and are not as reliable as costly VPNs; let’s break the wall of myths around the affordable VPN services, supported with hands-on experience.

The cheapest VPN for torrenting would cost you around $3/month while the most expensive VPN service would charge $15/month, our focal point throughout the process was its ability and speed in downloading torrents, not leaking IPs.

Our selection of cheap VPNs are not price-related only, rather we’ve looked at other areas as well, including;

  • Speed
  • Logging practices
  • P2P servers
  • Bandwidth Limits
  • IP Leak Prevention

Once the VPNs passed all tests, we jotted them down below, so, that you can safely use cheap VPN services for your torrenting activities.

  1. ibVPN
  2. Proxy.SH
  3. VPN.ac
  4. VPN Area
  5. Cactus VPN

What If You Get Caught While Downloading Torrents?

BitTorrent files are shared between so many users in a given frame of time, so it’s hard to stay anonymous; once you use BitTorrent, you’ll see who else is downloading with you.

Keep in mind that the intensity of penalties and punishments for the copyright violation depends upon the region or country the offense is committed. Big media giants are highly vigilant in this matter and send DMCA notices as soon as they caught someone breaking the law.

This is why the world is in the current wave of banning, blocking and shutting down of torrent sites made by authorities to deal with the menace. Other than this, many countries have already implemented strict copyright laws that include hefty fines and jail time.

Let’s see how much you’ve to pay in case you violate the law!

  • United States: Fines up to $500,000 along with the jail time of 5 years.
  • Canada: Initial notices then costly penalties.
  • United Kingdom: Prison sentence of 10 years
  • Australia: Imprisonment of 5 years with fines up to $117,000.

The list goes on. It’s highly recommended to get yourself protected with a torrent VPN; as you don’t know whether downloading torrents is legal or not, your slight negligence ends up in hefty fines or jail time.

Download Torrents and Get Caught – It’s A Myth!

Scared? That’s how authorities and laws have manipulated. We’ve already discussed that ISPs and Government is monitoring our browsing activities, so they can trace our torrent activity and send us a DMCA notice. So, to end this fear and to be on the safe side while torrenting, you should take measures not to be spied and using best VPN for torrenting is the best solution; you’re anonymous for spying authorities.

Some of the best torrent VPNs have mentioned already to evade the copyrights infringement laws. We hope you won’t take any more risks with your privacy and enjoy protected and safer torrenting. Our part is over here; now it’s your time to share your torrenting experience with us in the comment sections below.

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