IPVanish VPN Review 2019

IPVanish VPN Review

When it comes to choosing a VPN service, there are a bunch of factors which raise users’ concern, either to buy the subscription or not? Most of the time, the claims of being the fastest and most secure VPN service are false. Here comes VPNLocator to answer all your questions. It is our vision to provide our readers with a detailed-unbiased review to ease their job of selecting the one VPN they need. It’s time to review IPVanish VPN and uncover all the facts about the service provider.

We dig deep, analyze every feature and run tests on every level to check if the claims made by the VPN provider is true or false. In this unbiased IPVanish VPN review, you will get answers to questions like:

  • Where is IPVanish Located?
  • Is IPVanish a trustworthy VPN to use?
  • Is my online privacy protected with IPVanish VPN?
  • Does IPVanish work with Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming channels?
  • Does IPVanish offer support for torrenting and gaming?

Wait! Do you have the same queries, or have I added some more on the list? Check out the detailed analysis of IPVanish service. Before we get into the details, let’s give you an overview of the service.

IPVanish Overview – Tier-1 VPN Provider

Ease of useUser-friendly VPN
VPN Servers1100+ VPN Servers in 60+ countries
Refund Policy7 Days
Zero-logging PolicyYes
Offered ProtocolsL2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2
Encryption256-bit AES Encryption
NetflixFailed to unblock Netflix USA
Torrent friendlyYes
Dedicated AppsYes
Support24/7 Live chat support

Introduction to The Company

The location of the VPN provider is one of the most crucial aspects for the readers to know. If any VPN provider located in USA, Canada or any country listed in ‘14 Eyes’ then don’t believe on their claims of ‘No Log’ policy.

IPVanish is a US-based company, located at Orlando, Florida, established back in 2012 and founded by online security experts with an aim to protect internet users.

Are they really fulfilling their PROMISES?

Being a US based company, according to the Telecommunication laws of the USA, IPVanish is bound to keep a record of its users’ activities and provide such if requested by the legal authorities. We consider it as one of the major glitches of the VPN service.

The ‘Goods’ And ‘Bads’ About IPVanish VPN Service

It is among the most reliable VPN services known for providing the fastest speed and well-appreciated among the users for features that speak out for themselves. In this section of the review, I will talk about the elements which are considered ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ of the service.

IPVanish VPN Pros+

IPVanish Server List – What makes it Better or Worse?

40,000+ shared IPs, 1,100+ VPN servers in 60+ countries – Is it something, no other VPN provider is offering? Well, No! Many VPN providers are offering even bigger numbers then IPVanish.

What makes it better than any other VPN provider is its Tier-1 VPN network. The provider owns full-flagged Tier-1 VPN network. It means, unlike many VPN providers, IPVanish maintains and monitor the VPN infrastructure itself rather than by third parties.

Server Details:

  • Asia – 61 Servers
  • Africa – 7 Servers
  • South America – 18 Servers
  • Europe – 443 Servers
  • Middle East – 3 Servers
  • North America – 561 Servers
  • Oceana – 72 Servers

The VPN provider has a strong presence in the USA, Europe and Canada with more number of servers compared to many other VPN providers. Users can also find servers in other desired locations including South Africa, UAE, Japan, Brazil, and New Zealand. For more details, check IPVanish server list.

What’s NOT there in the Server List?

The company has deployed servers at the most-demanded locations except for Russia. Previously, Russian servers were available on the list, but starting from July 12, 2016, IPVanish retired its VPN servers from Moscow, Russia. The decision came just after the Russian President Vladimir Putin passed a bill of controversial anti-terrorism legislation which has increased the power of mass surveillance and data retention laws.

What Additional Features Comes With The Service?

With a list of essential features like strong encryption, dedicated apps for a wide range of devices and variety of protocols, IPVanish offers a bundle of additional features that ensure utmost online security of its users.

Here I will discuss those features that are not common in every VPN service.

SOCKS5 Web Proxy

SOCKS5 Web Proxy is a technology that works with any internet traffic without restricting it. The provider is among the very few that offer SOCKS5 Web Proxy for free when you sign up for any of their VPN plans.

Warning – SOCKS5 Web Proxy is good to route any traffic, but it does not encrypt your data. Online security seekers are advised to avoid this feature. The feature is useful for P2P downloaders and streamers. IPVanish is among our best VPNs for torrenting also as they have programmed all their servers to deliver best performance to torrenters.

Kill Switch

The feature is integrated with the provider’s apps to ensure online protection of users even when VPN is not enabled. Kill Switch option works in a way that if for any reason user’s VPN connection drops, Kill Switch turns on, and all your online activities will stop right away until the VPN connects back. This way the internet traffic stay protected from any third-party invasion at all times.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is an additional feature that let the user to route some part of the traffic through the secure and encrypted VPN tunnel, and the rest of the traffic maintains a direct connection with regular internet. The feature is an advantage for customers who want to stay protected and at the same time want to access Netflix or Hulu with normal internet speed.

Split tunneling feature is available in IPVanish desktop and Android app. For all other devices, the users need to setup manually.

Simultaneous Logins

You might have heard 2, 3 or maximum 6 multi-logins offered by different VPN providers. IPVanish stands out among all by offering 10 simultaneous connection – the highest number of the multi-logins provided in the industry.

Other Privacy and Security Features

VPNs with unique offerings gain users’ trust easily. So does IPVanish. IPVanish service is wrapped with advanced features like ‘Network Block’ that blocks insecure WiFi networks without asking passwords (sometimes hackers set the open-public network to trap people.)

Besides, IPVanish offers DNS leak protection, NAT firewall protection, Xor stealth mode (scramble), and OpenVPN port selection. In short, IPVanish is a complete suite of all features that a best VPN service should have.

Protocols and Encryption – The Main Ingredient

There are three supported protocols on different devices and OS including L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. PPTP is an older version which has been obsoleted by almost every VPN service. Among the three available option, most recommended one is OpenVPN. IPVanish offers OpenVPN implementation with AES cipher.

The encryption level starts from 256-bit AES key. It is a standard encryption level which is used by all the service provider. HMCA SHA1 handshake is considered the weakest part of the IPVanish OpenVPN encryption. In short, IPVanish fulfills all the essential requirements of protocols and encryption and wins heart with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

IPVanish Pricing – Is it Cheap or Expensive?

IPVanish offers three different pricing plans. Each plan comes with the same features, the only benefit you get with long-term commitment is the saving you get.

IPVanish Discount And Pricing Analysis – Hold Your Pockets!

1 Month Plan

  • Original Price – $11/Month
  • Current Price – $10/Month
  • Discount Available – 17%
  • Savings – $1/ Month

1 Year Plan

  • Original Price – $143.88/Year ($11/Month)
  • Current Price – $77.99/Month ($6.49/Month)
  • Discount Available – 46%
  • Savings – $65.89/Year ($5.5/Month)

2 Years Plan

  • Original Price – $287.76/Year ($11/Month)
  • Current Price – $77.99/Month ($6.49/Month)
  • Discount Available – 46%
  • Savings – $65.89/Year ($5.5/Month)

IPVanish price and Discount

IPVanish Payment Methods

The available payment methods are:

AlipayPoliMaster cashBoleto Bancario
SOFORT BankingELVEPSPrzelewy24
DineroMail OxxoDineroMail Bank TransferDineroMail 7 elevenDineroMail Servipag

If you pay via Credit card, IPVanish will not handle your payment directly. Chase, a third-party payment handler will process your payment. Similarly, your payment via iPhone will be processed through Apple.

There is an advantage and disadvantage both attached with third-party payment handlers. The advantage is that your information is kept at a handful of distance from the VPN provider. The downside is that these third-party payment handlers are the biggest target of data breaches. One loophole can expose your financial information to the entire digital world.

One part that we do not like about IPVanish payment method is the absence of BitCoin or any Cryptocurrency.

IPVanish Money Back Guarantee – Will I Get My Money Back?

IPVanish offers seven days refund policy. Just in case if you change your mind after buying the subscription. There is no limitations or conditions on the refund policy which means anytime within seven days, the user can ask for a refund.

Dedicated VPN Apps – Is The UI of Apps Easy-To-Use And Attractive?

IPVanish offers easy-to-use and attractive VPN apps for a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV. Linux app is yet not available for users.

Supported OS


  • Compatible versions: 7, 8 & 10
  • Windows Mobile – via manual setup
  • Available Protocol: OpenVPN, PPTP & IKEv2 (via App) and L2TP/IPSec (via Manual Setup)
  • Encryption Level: AES 256
  • Port Selection: 443 or 1194
  • Special Features: Kills Switch, IPv6 leak protection, LAN blocking and NAT firewall


  • Compatible versions: OS X 10.10 and higher (dedicated app or manual setup both)
  • Available Protocol: OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPSec (via App and manual setup both)
  • Encryption Level: AES 256
  • Port Selection: 443 or 1194
  • Special Features: Kills Switch and API load balancing


  • Compatible versions: iOS 9 and higher (dedicated app or manual setup both)
  • Available Protocol: IKEv2 and IPSec (via App) and OpenVPN (via manual setup)
  • Encryption Level: AES 256
  • Port Selection: IPVanish DNS and Third Party DNS
  • Special Features: API load balancing


  • Compatible versions: Android 4.0.3+ (dedicated app or manual setup both)
  • Available Protocol: OpenVPN (via App) and PPTP, L2TP and IKEv2 (via manual setup)
  • Encryption Level: AES 256
  • Special Features: API load balancing and OpenVPN scramble


  • Compatible versions: Ubuntu (dedicated app or manual setup both)
  • Available Protocol: OpenVPN and PPTP (via App and manual setup)
  • Encryption Level: AES 128 and AES 256
  • Special Features: No special addons
Supported Devices:

Fire TV

  • Compatible versions: Android 4.0.3+
  • Available Protocol: OpenVPN (via manual setup)
  • Encryption Level: AES 256
  • Special Features: No special addons


  • Compatible versions: DD-WRT
  • Available Protocol: OpenVPN (via manual setup)
  • Encryption Level: AES 256
  • Special Features: No special addons

What do I like Most About IPVanish VPN Apps?

I will give more marks for device and OS compatibility to the VPN service because of the availability of Amazon Fire TV app. It’s a unique feature that is rare in the VPN industry.

Another excellent initiative of IPVanish is the addition of XOR obfuscated server that let the user bypass firewalls and IP filtering systems.

IPVanish Kodi – Does VPN service really work on Kodi?

IPVanish VPN for Kodi

IPVanish works well with Kodi. All you need is to run the automated IPVanish app on the background and securely use Kodi. Users can find detailed setup guide to install IPVanish for Kodi on different devices. To get more details about the tutorials and guides, you can visit IPVanish dedicated page for Kodi.


IPVanish VPN Cons –

IPVanish Support – Is It Truly Helping Users?

Customer SupportAvailability
24/7 Live ChatYes
Ticket SystemYes

IPVanish Customer SupportIPVanish advertises a 24/7 live chat support. To some extent, it’s not true. It gets irritating when you get shady, incomplete and delayed answers from support staff. We were not happy with the experience we had with IPVanish customer support team.

To check the performance of 24/7 live chat support, I asked a simple question ‘Do you have a dedicated Kodi App?’ To get an answer, the wait time exceeded 20 minutes, and I was still number 1 in the queue.

Even the email response took 48 hours, so if you have anything technical to ask and live chat staff is unable to respond to it, you will have to wait 48 hours.

The most convenient way to get your problem solved is by visiting the FAQ section on the website. The section has a search option where the user can search the answer using keywords like ‘How to Setup Kodi on Firestick’ or ‘How can I change my password.’ FAQ section contains solutions to the most common problems and useful setup guides.

You can only access the setup guides with your IPVanish credentials.

‘No Logs’ Policy – Are the Rumors True?

IPVanish claims to have an absolute ‘No-Logs’ policy, but it isn’t 100% true. Back in 2016, the US Department of Homeland Security asked for the details of a user involved in Child Pornography from the IPVanish parent company, Highwinds Network Group.

In July 2016, IPVanish responded with the details of the suspected user.

The company even stated in their Terms of Services that:

“User might be subject to export control restrictions of the United States, the European Union, Canada or other jurisdictions.”

Being a US-based company, IPVanish is not a preferred choice for privacy seekers. Why? Because the US is the birthplace of privacy-killing laws such as Data Retention laws, NSA Prism program, and the murderer of Net Neutrality. You can’t live in water if you are not a sea-animal. Similarly, a company cannot protect the privacy of its users, if, located in the USA. According to the newest bills, a company can be asked anytime via a warrant or gag order to provide users’ details. What does it mean? It means that the company will have to hand over a user’s data to the authorities.

What Else You Want To Know About IPVanish?

I know, the list of queries isn’t finished yet. There are many questions still unanswered, so let address those questions in short.

Are IPVanish Coupons Available throughout the year?

IPVanish offers occasional discounts like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and seasonal ones. Currently, IPVanish is offering a discount on all its plans starting from 17% up to 72%. There are no Coupons available.

Does IPVanish work for Netflix USA?

IPVanish fails to unblock Netflix USA. So, if you are looking to unblock Netflix USA, you start looking somewhere else. I tried to access Netflix with five different USA servers and failed every time.

Are IPVanish Routers a reality or a false claim?

IPVanish offers pre-configured DD-WRT routers which are readily available on the website and can be ordered online.

Is IPVanish VPN Service Recommended?

I want to conclude the review in two portions.

  1. Recommended for Privacy Seekers – Absolutely Not
  2. Recommended for Torrenters and Streamers – Oh Yeah!

The first part is obvious, US-based VPN service is highly unreliable no matter how many features, servers and fastest speed it offers. Privacy seekers would never compromise on their ‘PERSONAL SPACE.’

IPVanish is a good option for those who do not concern about privacy to a greater extent. If you are among the users who want the fastest speed, easy-to-use apps, traffic obfuscation, more number of servers, split tunneling feature, Kodi and Firestick support and unlimited P2P file sharing, IPVanish can provide you all. Do remember, even with torrenting there’s a risk of privacy breach if using IPVanish.

Users looking for a VPN to unblock Netflix can move on to the next option as IPVanish is failed to do the job.

Overall, IPVanish is an excellent service except for being a US-based company.

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